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from Let Youself Go

I Thought About You (Mercer/Van Heusen) 5:15
Shelley Burns, vocal
Walley Minko, piano
Kevin Axt, bass
Dave Zarlenga, drums
Eric Marienthal, sax
Rusty Stiers, flugelhorn

from Honey on the Moon

There's Honey on the Moon Tonight (Coots/Davis/Gillespie) 5:27
Shelley Burns, vocal
Bill Dendle, guitar, trombone, vocal
Tom Phillips, guitar, vocal
Shelley Denny, bass, vocal
Daryl Van Druff, drums

from In Our Own Time

The Way You Look Tonight (Fields/Kern) 4:09
Shelley Burns, vocal
Bob Fylling. piano
Shelley Denny, bass, trombone
Ed Metz, Jr., drums


"Compelling and imaginative" are the adjectives Bob Byler of JazzTimes uses to describe Shelley's vocal stylings.
This next one is an example of imaginative.With wonderful guitar solo by Tom Phillips.
Arr. Burns/Caughran

from 'S Wonderful

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead (Harold Arlen; arr. Coughran) 3:50
Shelley Burns, vocal
Wayne Johnson, alto sax
Erik Kleven, bass, tuba
Tom Phillips, guitar
Phil Tulga, trombone
Steven Coughran, percussion, french horn

from Jazzbirds
Recorded live at the 2005 reprise of JAZZBIRDS, a musical review performed at the Fringe Festival '96 and at the International Jazz and Blues Festival in Edinburgh, Scottland. Written and directed by Bob Irvin, California State University Sacramento

Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler) 3:29
Shelley Burns, vocal
David Blanchard, piano
Bill Dendle, guitar
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from a Professors Jazz Camp Performance

I've Got My Fingers Crossed (Ted Koehler/Jimmy McHugh) 4:42



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