Shelley Burns

Moon River

by Shelley Burns

Released 2017
S&b Productions
Released 2017
S&b Productions
I sing in the style of Classic, Main Stream Jazz, swinging the Great American Songbook.
I love songs of the Great American songbook. I adore the rich melodies and poetic lyrics given to us by those songwriters contributing to our American Music. I enjoy taking these tunes and performing them with my own interpretations while staying respectful of the songwriters' intentions.
I have been singing this music since I was a child. And, while I have sung many other styles while supporting my family as a singer, jazz standards have always been the music closest to my heart.
My sisters and I had a quartet in the 50s and 60s. We performed the Standards with our 6 piece band at military bases during the Vietnam War. We also entertained audiences at private events, political fundraisers and toured the fair circuit.
Over the last many years I have been performing concerts in nightclubs, jazz cruises and jazz festivals. I teach jazz vocals at jazz camps for young people. Also, I am a Certified Speech Level Singing teacher. Passing this music along to students brings me so much joy!