All profits from the sale of this CD go toward scholarships for Trad Jazz Camp.

The Professors jazz band was named by Ken and Flossie Coulter of the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee, and consists of the faculty of the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Camp, who also teach at the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society Jazz Camps (Youth and Adult). The group was assembled by Camp Director Bill Dendle, and all were chosen not only because of their capabilities as performers, but also for their ability to teach effectively, and to entertain. The result is a wonderfully inventive, creative, and extemporaneous jazz band that is totally unpredictable, funny, amazing and thoroughly musical.

The band has never held a rehearsal, nor does it need to. What you will hear on this recording is part of the final concert of the STJS Adult Trad Jazz Camp at Sly Park on the night of August 7, 2004. All arranging of the music is done "on the fly," with Rusty Stiers leading the way on trumpet, and the rest listening for his cues. But it's not only Rusty who shapes the performances; all of the Professors suggest, lead, and listen simultaneously, and the resulting performance is truly jazz.


L-R Back row:
Ed Metz, Jr. Drums; Eddie Erickson, Banjo; Lee Westenhofer, Sousaphone; Bill Dendle, Trombone

L-R Front row:
Anita Thomas, Clarinet; Jason Wanner, Piano; Shelley Burns, Vocals; Rusty Stiers, Trumpet

At the camps, we emphasize improvisation, both group and solo, and the Professors provide the best example of how a band can literally improvise an entire performance with no discussions, no arrangements, no charts, no prior planning - we just listen to each other and respond. The fact is that all the players have years of experience with the music, and instantly understand what is appropriate. There is complete mutual respect and admiration, and we love to play together.

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All profits from the sale of this CD
go toward scholarships for Trad Jazz Camp.

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