Review, January 2014: This past Sunday our own modern day "Funny Girl" Shelley Burns brought her magical self and music to JB's Lounge. With Shelley Denny on bass, Tom Phillips on guitar, Bill Dendle on guitar and trombone, and of course Shelley on vocals. Looking fit as a fiddle after recovering from her recent fractured knee cap, Shelley was her usual masterful self. The band opened with Exactly Like You and then Ms Burns took to the stage. Working her way through the American Songbook the group took things from ballad, to swing to bossa, and even something that sounded vaguely like something the Carmen Miranda would have had a blast with. Shelly possesses this beautiful and clear voice that, as we noted, can hold a note like no one I know. But the beauty of it is that it is as clear and melodic from first breath until she lets it go. Shelley and Bill had a little fun with "Cute" doing a call and response along with poking a little fun at each other with the lyrics. Shelley Denny is a fantastic composer and lyricist. He wrote a song with Ms Burns in mind - No Decaf For Me, one of the numbers during the night. Ms Burns also did one of her own compositions - Daddy You Squeeze Me Too Tight. I mentioned her wonderful interpretations of lyrics, especially ballads - Cottage For Sale - is an example of that unique way some vocalists have of putting their heart on their sleeve and making every word and phrase touch the soul of those listening. Shelley Burns has that unique talent. As she said from the stage, she comes to JB's about once a year and it's something that we all look forward to with great anticipation because we all know the experience will well be worth the wait. Vivian Lee

M, A, double-R, I,__O, T, T spells Marriott!
concert informationThe Burns Sisters Quartet (Sally,Shelley,Sherry,Susan) recorded that campaign jingle for Sacramento Mayor Richard H. Marriott's reelection campaign.
Marriot won.
Shelley was 16--and already a 10-year veteran in the business.
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Since then, Sacramento's Shelley Burns is a two-time nominee as best jazz musician for the Sacramento Music Award. "Compelling and imaginative" are the adjectives Bob Byler of JazzTimes uses to
describe Shelley's vocal stylings. Marcus Crowder of The Sacramento Bee writes "Burns' new release, Let Yourself Go, is a classy, bright- sounding collection that could easily propel the versatile singer to new heights."

Peter Haugen, the theater critic for The Sacramento Bee writes "Burns ... has a winning mastery of pop phrasing. She makes it sound easy." Listen to Isn't It A Lovely Day in QuickTime® >>>>

concert informationShelley performs with a number of Sacramento musical groups, the Shelley Burns Trio (or Quartet), and with her band Shelley Burns and Avalon Swing at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and at other jazz festivals around the world. Shelley has an extensive knowledge of standard jazz repertoire, having over thirty-five years of experience as a professional jazz vocalist, working with world-class musicians.

Shelley participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival '96, with a theater troupe from California in a show called 'Jazzbirds,' and was a featured guest artist at the '96 International Jazz and Blues Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Most recently, she performed for three weeks in March, 2006 in Athens, Greece with the Andreas Thermos Quartet.

A 2006 reprise of Jazzbirds in VIDEO! on

concert informationHer newest CD, Let Yourself Go, which is available through, and CD, receives air play on jazz radio stations across the country. You can also purchase at S&B Production's online sales below. And available also at Best Buy.


A certified Speech Level Singing instructer, Shelley has been teaching voice for nineteen years, a technique based on a series of vocal exercises that will strengthen vocal folds to improve range, flexibility and control. Her lessons are filled with helpful breathing exercises, health tips for singers, and application of technique to song. Students are encouraged to participate in recitals. Shelley also teaches voice at the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee Jazz Camp and the Sacramento Traditional Jazz Camp where she has performed in concert with jazz greats, Bob Baker, Abe Most, Bob Draga, and the late Gene Estes.

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